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Beguiled Child Signature Hand Kite

New product Waldorf Inspired

This little joy is new in the shop. A delightful array of ribbons hang about 20" from a 3" sustainably harvested solid hardwoord ring, which is sanded silky smooth and polished with organic beeswax and olive oil.  Little hands can easily grasp the ring for an instant adventure. Ribbons flitter in the breeze and dance along beside little ones, inside or out, when the run and play. Our ring is also perfectly comfortable with imaginative play, and has experience being a magic rainbow, pirate treasure, and something worth chasing your sister for.

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Video Tutorial: How to use Waldorf Beeswax Block Crayons

art coloring creativity for kids Waldorf

Wondering how both you and your kids can get more out of your amazing, long, lasting, beautifully vibrant Stockmar Crayons? Watch this tutorial from the BEarth Institute and get inspired! 

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Poetry and Coloring go Hand in Hand

children's poetry coloring Marchette Chute poem Poetry Mondays read to your kids

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A Poem for Spring

children's poetry mud poem Poetry Mondays Polly Chase Boyden read to your kids

If you love that squishy mud feeling, check out our Glowing Putty, Gells, and Slime science kit!

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Beguiling Books: Recommended picture and chapter books for reading to 4-6 year olds

book recommendations children's books favorite read alouds read to your kids

Near kindergarten age, the possible read-alouds start opening up into a world of exploration and discovery. Here are some of the types of books to read to your 4 to 6 year old. Follow their interests, but also read several different kinds of books to diversify types of stories and language used. If you haven't already, catch up on our last post about reading to preschoolers. Repeated note: Books that are great for learning to read are not necessarily the same books that are great read aloud books!  Picture books Read old favorites or find new. Children will enjoy the unwritten part of the...

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