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Catapulting over the Rest: Make your own catapult kit

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There are so many ways that one can use a catapult! Check out our build-your-own kit and give it a try:
  • Keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon. Budding builders will love assembling the machine and then spend hours testing it out.
  • Test how far and high different items fly: the included ball, a jelly bean, a marshmallow, a ping-pong ball, etc.  
  • Use for homeschooling physics and history, complete with an catapult attack on a castle made of building blocks.
  • Entertain the cat by flingling kitty toys around the room while subconsciously learning principles of physics.
  • Have a far-flung contest with friends or family. 
  • You can find our Copernicus Toys catapult kit here.

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