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Beguiling Books: Recommended children's books for reading out loud to preschoolers

book recommendations children's books favorite read alouds read to your kids

Somewhere between ages 2(ish) and 4(ish), something magical starts happening when a book is opened. Instead of being a of words and sound, reading a book becomes a story where stuff happens. Book characters start becoming friends that kids like to hear about over and over. Some would argue that children these ages should be read a diet of well-respected literature (think Great Books educators), while others argue that any book a kid loves is a great book. In our opinion, while not any book is a great book (oh, we've had some doozies of bad books), teaching the practice of reading any book is better than...

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Beguiling Books: Recommended children's books for reading out loud to toddlers

book recommendations books books for toddlers children's books fairy tales favorite read alouds read to your kids

At 18 months to 3 years old, children are busy. However much they love to read, they may only have time for a favorite page or two before they are on to the next thing. My toddler likes to see the bouncy ball in My Daddy and I, and wants to talk about the cheese and strawberries on a lift-the-flap first words book, and then she's done. Encourage reading time by choosing books where you can clap, sing, or have other motions that accompany the words, e.g. beautifully illustrated renditions of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Older toddlers may...

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Beguiled Baby: Recommended books for reading out loud to Baby

baby books books books for baby children's books read to babies what should I read to my baby

Your pediatrician, neighbors, and mother will tell you (as if you didn't know) that reading aloud to children is super SUPER important. With a newborn, having the time and ability to stay awake for reading to Baby may be difficult, but by age 4 months or so, babies start really enjoying being read to, and it would be a shame to miss out. Just a few of the benefits include: Warm and cozy cuddle time with you Hearing language sounds produced over and over again as you read and re-read the same books, and beginning to recognize them  Feeling the rhythm...

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Reading to kids is as important as playing with them!

books fairy tales

A key characteristic of our beguiled child is their active imagination and love of reading. In the next few posts we will recommend enchanting stories and books for different age groups. In the mean time, visit our "imagine" collection for toys to inspire interactive play. 

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Catapulting over the Rest: Make your own catapult kit

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There are so many ways that one can use a catapult! Check out our build-your-own kit and give it a try: Keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon. Budding builders will love assembling the machine and then spend hours testing it out. Test how far and high different items fly: the included ball, a jelly bean, a marshmallow, a ping-pong ball, etc.   Use for homeschooling physics and history, complete with an catapult attack on a castle made of building blocks. Entertain the cat by flingling kitty toys around the room while subconsciously learning principles of physics. Have a far-flung contest with friends or...

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